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For over 35 years we have manufactured made-to-measure external fabric conservatory shading - preventing heat build-up in summer and heat loss in winter. This constitutes a new 'roof' for a fraction of the cost of a new solid structure. The difference is that it simply FILTERS the sunlight.


Patio Door Koalashade


This addition to our external conservatory shading products makes a phenomenal difference to indoor temperatures. It consists of a 2.7m (approx. 9') drop, full strength shade, fixed at the top at each end into the wall (see gallery for standard wall fixings). When secured by an appropriate weighted object at an angle from the doors, it allows free passage of air behind the shade and ready access to the doors. This allows a maximum reduction in temperature (as away from the glass).

The difference this makes to indoor temperatures has to be experienced to be believed.

Price: £15 per foot length, delivered.

It is normal for inside temperatures to rise 6 to 10 degrees behind glass with a south-facing aspect. NOTE 5°C reduction.

From early lean-to structures (see brochure below) to all shapes and sizes of conservatory

35 years of service!

N.B. For workrooms of all sorts as well as leisure, Supershade is available to temporarily shade or batten onto your roof area long-term to prevent excessive heat build-up. Many structures (glass, metal or wooden) can benefit hugely simply by applying Koalashade over the whole roof area.
  • See Gallery for photos of fittings.


    Continuous eyeleting around the perimeter of all shaped shades means that cord can be looped around the end of roof bars, avoiding the need for any screw fittings into the framework. See gallery.

May, 2023

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for the koala shade. I have finally installed it today and it fits beautifully and has already made a big difference to the temperature. Thank you for all your help and providing such a clever product.

A.R., Harpenden

April, 2023

As promised here are some photos to show our new conservatory "hat" - a perfect day for it as well!

The fit is great, although I suspect we have been slightly inventive in how we have used the fittings!

Thank you so much for your speedy and professional service, your care for your customers really shone through. I love how it's taken the edge off the sun, but we can still see the sky, clouds and trees through it!.

J. & J., Surrey Hills

23 June, 2021

... makes such a difference to the temperature of the room. We are again very pleased with your product.

Many thanks.

J.J., Hadstock

6 July, 2020

Just to let you know that the rather complex conservatory roof shade that you designed for me is fantastic. As promised it was straightforward to install, fits perfectly, and has reduced the heat dramatically without cutting out much light.

I am most grateful for your patience, assistance and advice along the way. Thank you.

R.B., Winderton

24 June, 2020

I wanted to thank you for our Koalashade which has transformed our conservatory.

I am a childminder and our conservatory is our playroom. For years, during the summer, it has always been too hot once the sun shines in the room in the afternoon. My husband fitted the Koalashade last week and it has transformed the playroom into a lovely, cool room we can use all day.

The look on the little ones faces when they venture in there after lunch is amazing. No longer are they hit by the heat but it feels lovely and cool.

Thank you

C.M., Stubbington

30 May, 2020

'Just a quick note to say how impressed we are with our Koalashade - it arrived early Friday and I fitted it without problem and the effect it's had is astonishing; it's transformed the conservatory and makes it a pleasant space to use again!...

Looking at the alternatives (and trying a few) Koalashade is hands down the best value for money and more importantly actually effective sun/heat protection I've ever seen - thank you for a great product and the accompanying service!'

J.S., Horley

P.S. to above re value

We had a customer the same week who had paid £910 for film (useless).

Koalashade roof shade £125.

6 June, 2020

Thanks very much for your advice on the Koalashade Supashade.

Fitted it last Monday with my neighbour (another 76 year old), and it is brilliant.

It does everything you said it would, and we now have a useable conservatory.

It also looks good both inside and out.

Thanks once again.

G.W., Sale

Easter 2020

'Without Koalashade we would have died'

(Glad to have been of use, Mr K!)

February, 2020.

'The Koalashade has been magnificent and I am really pleased'

A.B., Cumbria

This approx 5m x 8m conservatory forms a major part of the total available living/ working space of this home in Sanderstead.

'It is wonderful! It has totally transformed our whole existence here at negligible cost compared with other extremely expensive solutions which would have very inferior practical usefulness. We cannot express sufficiently our utter delight at having found such a remarkable and effective, yet simple, solution to the problems of heat and glare. We love the whole internal ambience the shade produces.'

9 months review:

It still looks like new. Amazingly, it has come through all the snow, high winds, rain and indeed everything else the elements have thrown at it, completely unscathed! We cannot begin to tell you what a huge difference it has made. I work from home and even with all the doors open and ceiling fan on maximum, sitting at my desk eventually become unbearable, not just because of the sunshine but also the intense heat. It got to the point when I was seriously considering moving my office into another room. Koalashade has been faultless throughout and we cannot recommend them highly enough. The product is excellent, the delivery time was extremely quick and the owners could not have been more helpful. We have no hesitation whatsoever in giving them a 5* plus rating.

J.S., Sanderstead

August 2018

Because of the efficiency of Supershade in reducing both heat and noise from my polycarbonate roof, I have been able to remove my patio doors and open up the lounge straight through into my conservatory.

N.E. West Dereham

July 2018 heatwave
Unsolicited email:

It's taken me a while to email you but I wanted to pop you a note to say a big thank you!

We'd tried duo-blinds and portable air con, which didn't work so needless to say I was very skeptical when my husband ordered the koala shade. I couldn't have been more wrong!!

The shade has made a massive difference to our living room temperature. This is the first time since we moved in 4 years ago that we can actually sit in the living room during the summer - and that too, comfortably! We would not have been able to survive this heatwave without the shade.

It been one of our best purchases and I will Definitely be recommending you to people.

You were so knowledgable, answered all our questions and the shade came very quickly- great service!

Once again, a massive thank you!


July 2017:

It's turned hot again and WOW we can't believe how cool it is in the conservatory! We can actually leave the doors of the sitting room going into the conservatory open, which we have never been able to do previously on a hot day.

K.J., Bury St. Edmunds

July 2013 heatwave
Unsolicited email:

The heatwave of 2013 was unbearable for many and our conservatory would have been out of bounds but for Koalashade. We had the roof covered just in time to stop the penetrating heat of the sun which enables me to get some art painting done at one end of the conservatory while the family can relax in arm chairs (with some refreshments) and watch the birds and wild life in the garden. This is a luxury which we have been without ever since we've had the conservatory. We are overjoyed at having the full use of the conservatory. Thank you Koalashade.

Ray M., Aylesbury

See the Gallery for more photos and comments.

IN 1985, well before most of the major conservatory retailers and ALL major blind manufacturers, we developed our unique external shade for cooling conservatories.

In the years that followed we developed shaped shades to fit new Victorian and Edwardian shapes for all makes... whatever model or standard-shaped conservatory, WE CAN REALLY COOL IT!

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