Images of Supershade

  1. This shade withstood 11 named storms during the winter of 2015/16 without movement!

  2. Shock cord tensioner - around roof bar end and hooking onto perimeter (threaded) cord.

  3. Double-hooked tensioners are a more durable alternative to shock cord ones above

  4. Adjustable V tensioner for CORNER roof bar fixing.

  5. Supershade - wall fixing.

Shaded Victorian with cresting removed (finial unscrews and cresting slides out of ridge channel). See above for alternative fixing methods to roof bar cappings at eaves level.

Effective glare reduction against powerful sunlight and virtual elimination of rain noise on polycarbonate roofs.

Dear Sirs,

I thought I'd write and say thank you for the external shading you supplied recently.

I was nervous having given the dimensions over the 'phone, but the blinds arrived in no time - I think I placed the order on the Tuesday lunchtime and it was on the roof, fitting nicely by 6pm on Thursday.

The performance of the shading is excellent. On first fitting the conservatory was noticeably darker*, but we've got used to that and the temperature control is vastly improved. Despite high spec glass and internal shading, we were having to keep the windows open on sunny spring days - and even then the temperature would soar. Since fitting the shading we have so far been able to keep the windows shut all the time without the room getting too hot, which is impressive.

Fitting the first time - including cutting the bungee cord to length, was 10 minutes. Next time it'll be less than 5.

(See photo above.)

Best wishes,

Mr D.H.

(July, 2016)

(* Lighter shades are available for atria such as that depicted - surrounded by areas of solid roof that is not proximate to windows.)

Dear Sirs,

I recently purchased a Supershade from your company and would like to tell you how pleased we are with it. It has lowered the temperature in our conservatory by 20F, which means that we can use it even on hot days (as it faces south).

I have enclosed the addresses of two friends who have a similar problem and have promised that you will send them your sample pack...

Thank you again,

Mrs S.D.W.
Potters Bar


At last we get the chance to say how really really pleased we are with the Koalashade over our south facing conservatory. The effect was magic and straight away we felt the coolness it gave us.

I did a lot of research before I came to the conclusion that having indoor blinds was a complete waste of time and that you need to STOP the heat getting into the conservatory in the first place.

It looks 'cool' as well as doing what it says on the packet! I would recommend this product to anyone, especially somebody like me who cannot stand the heat. A GREAT product, delivered very quickly. So glad I found out about this great solution for hot conservatories.

Thanks again,

Mr & Mrs J.
(16th June 2007)

Dear Sirs,

I sent for your 12' x 8' conservatory shading with some trepidation, since as an 84 yr. old I was concerned that the fitting would be as simple and straightforward as you claim. To my relief it was - I had the job finished unaided in just over an hour - and your green mesh really works - the change in temperature is remarkable.

Another point in its favour is that it doesn't noticeably darken the conservatory when fitted. Friends who called didn't notice any difference!

Many thanks for an excellent product that really does the job at a reasonable cost.

Yours faithfully,

Mr T. W. G.

Dear Sir,

I would like to place an order for a Koalashade.

I think I must have been one of your first customers back in 1985, but like myself my original blind is a little worse for wear and I think it is about time I invested in a replacement.

I must say I have been more than satisfied with the product and have introduced lots of friends to Koalashade.

Many thanks.
Yours sincerely,

B. W.
(19th May 2004)

Dear Sir,

As requested I enclose some photos (see above and below) on CD of the fitted shade - wasn't successful emailing them.

My thanks again for such an effective product and fast and friendly service.

Yours sincerely,

J. R. K. B.
(19th August 2008)

Dear Sir,

We are delighted with the shades you supplied recently for our conservatory...

The temperature reduction has lived up to your prediction and we have had greater use already of the conservatory. The fanlight still works perfectly with the automatic opener...

Thank you for your assistance with production of the overall one piece shade which fits well and holds down snugly. I enclose before and after photographs which you may keep for illustration / advertising purposes.

Again, thanks.
Yours sincerely,

(3rd June 1996)


I just thought I'd drop you a note of appreciation.

A couple of weekends ago I re-fitted our Koalashade for its sixth summer of service. It will now cover our south facing conservatory until the end of September. The material shows no sign of deterioration after an estimated 30 - 35 months of exposure to sunlight. It has withstood a number of late September gales without losing grip of the roof!

The shade certainly makes our conservatory a much more pleasant place to sit in, even on the hottest sunny days.

Previously we had aluminium foil coated blinds fitted inside the roof lights - they were extremely expensive and totally useless!

R. J.
Gt. Missenden
(16th April 2007)

Topshade over patio doors. Applicable to front and sides of conservatories

Diolch i ti (thank you) for your excellent service. The side shade is exactly what we needed and complements the roof covering. My wife and I are very pleased with your product, and would recommend both the product and the service we have enjoyed. No problem with the recent very high winds and heavy rain/thunderstorms. Once again, thank you and best wishes...

(22nd August 2020)