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For over 30 years we have manufactured made-to-measure external fabric conservatory shading - preventing heat build-up in summer and heat loss in winter. This constitutes a new 'roof' for a fraction of the cost of a new solid structure *. The difference is that it simply FILTERS the sunlight.



    Our new premium green shade with extra thermal insulation for summer and winter use, replaces green Supashade. Continuous eyeleting around the perimeter of the shade means that shock cord can be looped around the end of roof bars, avoiding the need for any screw fittings into the framework. See gallery.

September, 2017.

'We are very pleased with the amazing difference the roof shade has made to our sunny conservatory. Thank you so much.'

R & A W

This approx 5m x 8m conservatory forms a major part of the total available living/ working space of this home in Croydon.

'It is wonderful! It has totally transformed our whole existence here at negligible cost compared with other extremely expensive solutions which would have very inferior practical usefulness. We cannot express sufficiently our utter delight at having found such a remarkable and effective, yet simple, solution to the problems of heat and glare. We love the whole internal ambience the shade produces.'

J.S., Croydon

2012 prices in 2018!

July 2017:

It's turned hot again and WOW we can't believe how cool it is in the conservatory! We can actually leave the doors of the sitting room going into the conservatory open, which we have never been able to do previously on a hot day.

K.J., Bury St. Edmunds

* April 2017:

A customer received quotations for a SOLID ROOF for his 3m x 4.3m (10' x 14') conservatory of between 2,500 for a basic conversion up to 5,000 for a properly insulated version.

He opted, rather sensibly we think, for a DUO SUPASHADE at a cost of 260!

May 2017:

Thank you for the conservatory shade you supplied to us. It fits well and has already made a big difference. Your service is excellent, very friendly, with a very quick turnaround. We will certainly be telling people about your product.
Thanks once again

P.W., Northampton

September 2016:

In April 2005 we bought a Koalashade. It was an excellent investment and kept the summer temperature in the conservatory down to a very pleasant 20 - 25 degrees, whilst during the winter months it insulated the conservatory, helping retain the heat, thus reducing heating bills. This lasted for 10 years...
April this year saw a new, blue-tinted glass roof put on the original conservatory. The temperature inside reached 37 degrees, absolutely and totally impossible to live in. Hence the requirement for a new shade.

D.P., Chippenham

April 2015:

Thank you so much for your quick, friendly and professional service.

A.K., Portugal

June 2014:

I am just writing to thank you for your caring, helpful and prompt service regarding my "Koalashade".
We are greatly enjoying the benefits of it. There has been a significant reduction in heat in our conservatory.
Many thanks,

E.P., Notts

Unsolicited letter:

Thank you very much for the spare fittings for the shading on our conservatory that you so kindly sent after some builders managed to lose the old ones.

We find your shading to be remarkably effective and certainly far superior to anything fitted inside.

Dr C., Woking

July 2013 heatwave
Unsolicited email:

The heatwave of 2013 was unbearable for many and our conservatory would have been out of bounds but for Koalashade. We had the roof covered just in time to stop the penetrating heat of the sun which enables me to get some art painting done at one end of the conservatory while the family can relax in arm chairs (with some refreshments) and watch the birds and wild life in the garden. This is a luxury which we have been without ever since we've had the conservatory. We are overjoyed at having the full use of the conservatory. Thank you Koalashade.

Ray M., Aylesbury

UNSOLICITED e-mail, 16 April, 2007:

Just thought I'd drop you a note of appreciation.

A couple of weekends ago I re-fitted a Koalashade for it's sixth summer of service. It will now cover our south facing conservatory until the end of September. The material shows no sign of deterioration after an estimated 30 - 35 months exposure to sunlight. It has also withstood a number of late September gales without losing grip of the roof!

The shade certainly makes our conservatory a much more pleasant place to sit in, even on the hottest sunny days.

Previously we had aluminium foil coated blinds fitted inside the roof lights - they were extremely expensive and totally useless!

Rob J., Gt. Missenden, Bucks.

See the Gallery for more photos and comments.

IN 1985, well before most of the major conservatory retailers and ALL major blind manufacturers, we developed our unique external shade for cooling conservatories.

In the years that followed we developed shaped shades to fit new Victorian and Edwardian shapes for all makes... whatever model or standard-shaped conservatory, WE CAN REALLY COOL IT!

Over the years we have earned the confidence and trust of our customers as to the quality of our product and the efficiency with which we met their needs. If we are not available to answer your call in person - enquiry or order - we ask you to leave your name and telephone number ONLY and we WILL CALL YOU, or you can ring:
mobile 07717 472 432

Please be assured that when we contact you we are as efficient as ever at meeting your needs.

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